Release Notes - Geomajas Common GWT code - Version 1.1.0 - HTML format


  • [CGWT-21] - deferred.isLogCommunicationExceptions is ignored in GwtCommandDispatcher
  • [CGWT-23] - Stack trace message in Log misses nested causes


  • [CGWT-25] - Dom: add method to convert relative/classpath URL to absolute URL


  • [CGWT-22] - Refactor GwtCommandDispatcher userToken handling
  • [CGWT-24] - Add flag to TokenChangedEvent that indicates that a new login is pending

New Feature

  • [CGWT-8] - Add utility class to create SLD styles
  • [CGWT-14] - Add Dom.isSvg() check for detecting SVG support

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