Release Notes - Geomajas Server - Version 1.11.0 - HTML format


  • [GBE-282] - allow images in SLD definitions to be a classpath resource
  • [GBE-286] - FilterService does not support many-to-one filtering on id
  • [GBE-287] - Incorrect FeatureModel when using multiple BeanLayer instances with different FeatureInfo
  • [GBE-288] - SyntheticAttributeInfo unsupported in DtoConverterServiceImpl.toDto(Object, AbstractAttributeInfo)


  • [GBE-290] - Deprecate merge polygon command
  • [GBE-293] - Create general constant for @id field indicator in FilterService
  • [GBE-296] - Upgrade to Geotools version 2.7.5 - contains patches
  • [GBE-300] - Upgrade to JDK 1.6


  • [GBE-29] - Option to search features using case-insensitive criterion for string attributes
  • [GBE-171] - Allow configuration of which primitive attribute should be used to display association attributes in a grid or dropdown box
  • [GBE-201] - Update JTS to 1.12
  • [GBE-283] - ClientMapInfo could use a toString() method for logging
  • [GBE-292] - ConfigurationService should not hold direct reference to layers
  • [GBE-298] - FilterService should publish used FilterFactory to allow reuse
  • [GBE-301] - Make tests independent of default locale

New Feature

  • [GBE-285] - Add zoomToPointScale to ClientLayerInfo to define the default zoom level for point features
  • [GBE-289] - Add commands for geometry operations (merge/split/buffer/area/convex hull)
  • [GBE-291] - Add tagging interface to all configuration classes to have a common serialization interface for GWT

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